I help clients tell stories for people to love. 

I’m Sigurd, a freelance designer, animator and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I craft detailed and engaging stories in collaboration with studios and brands. My skills span from the early phases of concept creation, all the way to a shining product. I master many different styles of illustration, with a mind to tailor a unique style and approach to every project. You can hire me as a freelancer to help carry the burden in your team, or as a contractor: to facilitate the creative production of your project from start to end. Clients include LEGO Education, World Fair Trade Organisation, Benny Box and many more.

Simply put; I help clients tell stories for people to love.

List of Services.

Character Animation
Motion Graphics Design
Animated Explainers
Social Media Campaigns
Animated GIF's
Visual storytelling
Character Design

Through my network, I facilitate:
Logo Design
Identity Design
Graphic design for print
Web design.


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