Responsible Robotics

This is my Master thesis project from DSKD, Design school of Kolding, Denmark. The master project is the final step in a 5-year journey to become a designer. I created an animated movie, together with the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, exploring the ethical implications of a robot society. The animated movie is made with a hand-drawn aesthetic, using a mix of after-effects, cel-animation and Cinema 4D.

Year: 2018
Concept development, Visual Development, Illustration, Animation.
Client: Foundation for Responsible Robotics


The animated film is achieved with a mix of traditional hand drawn characters and 3D animation in cars and drones. 

roboghetto exterior colour
roboghetto exterior 4b
roboghetto colour
City above colour
Background Exploration

A lot of thought went into exploring different settings for the story, these are some of the discarded backgrounds.  

Don't be a stranger.

(c) Sigurd Grelck Design 2019